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The Network
The Oklahoma Physicians Resource / Research Network (OKPRN) was established in October 1994, as a collaborative project of the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians and the University of Oklahoma Department of Family and Preventative Medicine, Oklahoma City. Initial funding was provided by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.
List of OKPRN Accomplishments
OKPRN Awards & Recognitions
Map of OKPRN Member Sites (310+ clinicians at 160+ locations)
OKPRN Brochure For Health Care Professionals
The mission of OKPRN is to support primary care clinicians through a professional network for peer learning, sharing of resources for best practices and practice-based research.
Working with our partners and through the excellence of our members, OKPRN will help our State achieve safe and high quality primary healthcare for all Oklahomans.
Resources provided to members include information technology and training, research training, staff training, e-mail consultations, summaries of clinical topics, and assistance with quality improvements.
Many of the challenges faced by OKPRN members are best addressed through research. In collaboration with academic researchers, OKPRN members have participated in a variety of research projects. These studies are often published in peer reviewed journals and presented at regional and national meetings. Individual projects have been founded by the Presbyterian Health Foundation, the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Oklahoma State Medical Association and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
All primary health care professionals in good standing with their Oklahoma licensing board are eligible for OKPRN membership. Active members sign a letter of agreement outlining the benefits and responsibilities of membership. Affiliate membership is also permitted with no obligations, but less access to resources.
Benefits of Membership
  • Opportunities to interact with and learn from other like-minded clinicians in Oklahoma.Updates on new and emerging clinical knowledge and technologies (e.g. health risk appraisals).
  • Improved access to the medical literature with assistance from librarians and information scientists.
  • Members can utilize the expertise of Practice Enhancement Assistants (PEAs) who can facilitate practice-based problem solving, technology adoption, patient care, and practice improvement.
  • Assistance with quality assessment, patient satisfaction surveys, and the MOC process.
  • Access to the clinical expertise of academic faculty and other OKPRN members throughout the state.
  • Opportunities to participate in primary care research from idea generation through analysis, dissemination, and implementation of results
Current OKPRN Board of Directors (OKPRN-BOD)
  • Mark Doescher, MD, MPH
  • Shannon Ijams, MPAS, PA-C
  • Joyce Lopez
  • Olivia Lust, DO
  • Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD (Research Director)
  • Michael Pontious, MD
  • Liz Rainwater, MD
  • Anita Tanner, PA (Treasurer)
  • Crystal Turner, MPH (Network Coordinator)
  • Terrence Truong, MD (President)
  • Stephanie U'Ren, MA, LPC, CPS
  • Susan Waldron, MA
  • Rilla Walker, MHS, PA-C
  • Mike Woods, MD
Current OKPRN Bylaws
For further information about OKPRN, please call our Network Coordinator, Crystal Turner, MPH at (405) 271-3480 or send an e-mail to the site administartor:
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